eBusiness Consultancy
With over 20 years of eBusiness consultancy expertise in Europe and the US, Alex Amengual accepts a small number of projects each year. If your organisation is committed to growth and leadership in your field through business innovation and creative application of technology, get in touch with us for further information.


eMarketing Consultancy
One to one personal relationship management on a mass scale. We assess your objectives and develop eMarketing plans in two main areas:

a) traffic building: including, email newsletters and campaigns, search engine optimisation, banner campaigns and other methods of driving traffic to your site, online and off-line.

b) interactive customer relationship management: personalising and targeting your audience experience to retain and engage customers. Usability optimisation and dynamic content development.


Domain registration and hosting
Brand protection through domain registration in all territories as well as domain advisory services.

Hosting packages to suit all needs and providing scalability to match your growth.


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